Your ENGL 365 Instructor

Purpose: To convince your ENGL 365 instructor that you have a solid plan to successfully complete tasks by the due date (see class calendar) and submit an excellent presentation video. 

Assignment: Write a formal memo (at least 450 words) in which you propose the subject you are thinking of choosing for your term project. Follow the guidelines for proposal writing in Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace. Look at the sample proposal in Moodle and Figure 17.2 on page 314 of your textbook. Don’t forget to draw from readings and websites.

First, introduce your subject and scope. Specify the type of presentation you hope to give and what sort of results you hope to achieve. Briefly list the criteria on which you choose to base your decision. In other words, why is this topic worth presenting? You do not have to give the specific names of products, methods, processes, or techniques you plan to evaluate; however, you do need to give a clear idea of what you plan to investigate this semester.

Next, state the background information necessary for your reader to understand your topic.

Then give a brief description of the work you will be doing. List the possible sources for information (websites, libraries, computer databases, manufacturers). Remember that you have until the last week of the semester to complete the work, so try to estimate how you plan to begin your research (you actually began by writing the inquiry letter), where you hope to get information, and how you plan to present the final report to the class in oral form. 

This next section will include a tentative time-task breakdown. List what you PLAN to do and how much time you estimate each task will take you. Include every step you can think of from beginning research to find your topic, Google, Dupré Library, and so on to the final days of writing your outline and preparing your oral presentation. Examples of tasks you will need to complete include the following (all of these tasks should appear in your proposal):

The final section of your report will be an “Urge to Action” or the outcome you hope to get from writing this proposal (which should be something along the lines of “I urge you to accept this proposal so that I can begin work right away.”). Show some enthusiasm. You want your reader to see the benefits to be derived from your research.…this is the formatting one 

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