Week 4 & Week 5 are two SEPERATE assignments and need to be completed as such. The master topic is FOOD! I will attach the completed research essay below for you to follow. For Week 5 you will rewrite the introductory paragraph of the essay I’ve attached but the topic is still FOOD! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you.

Week 4 Assignment: Reflection Paragraph

In a one-paragraph essay, address the following questions about your Master Topic:

How has your research and writing affected the way you think and feel about your topic?

Are you more or less interested in the topic than you were when you started writing about it?

If you are getting tired of your topic, how can you recalibrate your focus for the second half of the class?

Week 5 Assignment: Introductory Paragraph Assignment

Write a draft of the introductory paragraph of your research essay.

Helpful tips:

Begin your paragraph with one of the opening strategies discussed in the Week 5 craft lecture.

Conclude your paragraph with a clear statement of your essay’s thesis.

Make sure that the middle of your paragraph effectively bridges your opening strategy and your thesis statement.

Avoid going into too much detail about the specifics of your topic. Save these details for the body of your essay.

Week 5 craft lecture link:

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