1. For this assignment, choose and research a marketing-related subject, company, product or case study.  Really, any subject that interests you and allows you to apply the concepts in these chapters and demonstrate critical, original thinking about our marketing studies. Marketing strategy, buying behaviors, distribution, e-marketing, global economies, social media influences, and forecasting are just a few of the principles. How do elements such as these apply to your topic? Or, feel free to explore how you would recommend they be applied and why.  Make sure to cite your course referencing when stating facts to support your argument.
  2. Your paper should be double spaced and, importantly, contain a minimum of 8 citations from our course resources, applying the principles to the material you are presenting.  Remember to link your citations to a list of references which should be the last page of your paper.
    • If, for instance, if you choose to explore the success of a product’s new marketing campaign, let’s say, Chipotle, your source for background on Chipotle (their own website) would not be one of your two marketing sources, although it should be included in your citations. However a newspaper article on Chipotle would be considered an outside source, as would other news or academic sources. As always, Wikipedia is not considered an academic source.

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