The purpose of this project is to expose you to social science literature and the research and writing process. The intent is not for you to write superficially about a broad topic, but to explore in detail a more narrow focus with in your topic.

This is not an opinion paper, but a research paper. You are free to share your opinion in your conclusion, but should leave it out of the rest of your paper.

If you choose to write on a controversial topic, keep your paper as impartial as possible. Give each side equal attention in your paper and avoid sources that are overly biased. Ideally, we should not be able to tell which side of the issue you agree with until I read your conclusion.

The audience for this paper should be a peer in your sociology class. You do not have to be overly formal, but remember the it is an academic paper, so it shouldn’t be informal either. Expect that your reader knows a little bit about sociology, but not about your specific topic. I expect your paper to contain information that is not just general knowledge but specifics learned from the articles you reviewed. This paper will be graded on organization and writing as well as content—see the rubric for details.

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