it will be on EagleCAD software part 2

Part II Tutorials (continuing with PCB layout techniques, including schematics, conversion to board, autorouter, and part placement)

1. Best way to use the Autorouter – Autodesk EAGLE (29 minutes)

  • How to set the most optimal settings for your autorouter to give you the results you expect. Carefully clean up any quirky looking traces. You’ll learn how to customize your design rules to keep yourself and your autorouter in check during your PCB layout.

2. Designing your Schematic (30 minutes)

  • Learn how to setup and design your schematic. Start placing parts from your free EAGLE part libraries. Use design blocks to efficiently reuse circuits from other electronics projects and save time. Verify connectivity between all of your parts with an Electrical Rule Check (ERC) on your PCB board.

3. Making a PCB Board from your Schematic (1 hr 9 min)

  • Learn how to design your PCB Board from your Schematic.
  • Use any one of your previous schematics from Eagle or ADS to convert to PCB following the general guidelines shown in this video.


1. Report – word or pdf document with screenshots, labeled with description of the figures. (Reader should be able to understand what the figures are about.). The final schematic/board screenshots are needed for each tutorial video.

2. EagleCAD files (.sch and .brd files)

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