News Media Provide an analysis of how the news media affects the criminal justice system, specifically addressing the impact on society’s view of crime and what, if any, are the effects on criminal proceedings. Include in your paper responses to the following questions: Is it appropriate to allow the media to publicize the name of the person arrested before any charges are filed and how prejudicial is this to the alleged Defendant during the criminal proceedings? How rational is it to allow news reports on TV/social media platforms during a criminal investigation and/or trial or allow public statements not related to the investigations to be made? What are the positive and negative implications of allowing the media to control the discussion of a pending investigation in society through news reports and social media? How responsible are the news media in reporting facts versus sensationalized media? What are the implications to the alleged offender/defendant? Address the use of gag orders, jury sequestering, and how anotherCountries handle media and on-going investigations to limit the impact upon their criminal justice system compared to the US. Use statistical data to provide a basis for your thesis and evidence for your paper.

Organizing a Paper, Creating an Outline

  1. Create a detailed outline of your paper, which lays out a summary of the information you will present in your final paper. At the end of Unit 4 of your textbook there is a sample outline for you to generally follow, but I want you to build an outline that conforms with the headings of a policy report. Below I have listed the headings that must be included in your policy report. Following each heading, I list the corresponding roman numerals from the sample outline that correspond to the sections of your research policy report.
    • Title of the Policy Report
    • Executive Summary
    • Context and Importance of the Problem (I – III)
    • Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research (IV – IX)
    • Conclusion (X)
    • Policy Recommendations
    • Reference Page
    • For Writing Assignment 2, you should include all 7 headings in the document that you submit, but you only need to construct in outline form the sections Context and Importance of the Problem, Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and the Conclusion.
  2. For each subsection head in your outline, write the last name(s) of the author(s) and year of publication of the article(s) that you are relying on to create those subsections. Also list alphabetically the sources that you use under the Reference Page heading (properly cited in APA Style). It’s easier to keep track of them now instead of having to go back later.
  3. Below the Reference Page, insert all of the abstracts that you used in your outline.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Final Research Paper
  4. : For this class, you will write a 10 to 15 page research paper on one of the topics approved by your instructor. The purpose of the paper is to provide the reader with a synopsis of the policy’s or program’s history, purpose, goals, target population, and activities or elements; thus, you must include the following information in your paper:
  • a description or definition of the program or policy, including a brief discussion of the scope of the problem (e.g., statistics) that the policy or program is trying to address;
  • a discussion of the history of the program or policy, including why, where, and when it was created;
  • a discussion of the purpose(s) or goal(s) of the program or policy (i.e., what it is designed to accomplish, who or what it is targeting); and
  • a discussion of the elements of the program, including activities or actions designed to accomplish the program’s goals.

In addition, you should summarize empirical studies that have evaluated how effective the program or policy has been in achieving its goals. For each study, you may, but are not required to, include the following information:

  • a summary of the research question examined,
  • a summary of the population examined,
  • a summary of how the data were obtained (i.e., the type of information collected),
  • a summary of the findings as they relate to the thesis statement (e.g., evidence the author[s] found that supports it), and a brief discussion of any significant limitations to the findings.

All information contained in the paper must come from academic sources unless your instructor tells you otherwise. In addition, you should not rely on your own knowledge about the topic. Moreover, you must use a minimum of 10 academic sources when writing your paper. Your paper must be written in APA format and must include citations written in APA format. Failure to include citations constitutes plagiarism. Your paper must include a title page as well as a reference page. Points will be deducted from papers that do not meet the page requirement or that do not incorporate eight academic sources.

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