As you have seen in previous weeks, the evolution of victimology has led to action in various areas of the criminal justice system. Changes can occur in more focused, incremental ways, such as through process or practice change. But action can also occur in more broad-based ways through programs designed to reach wider constituencies. Examples include community policing programs, forming specialized squads, or victim advocacy groups. In this Assignment, you propose a victim-focused program.

To prepare:

  • Find 3 to 5 outside sources to use in your Assignment.
    • Research victim-focused programs for examples to use when proposing your new program or the implementation of an existing program.
    • Find cases, theories, or other research that you could use to support your proposal.

Write a proposal for one of the following to be implemented in your community or in your current criminal justice practice:

  • A new victim-focused program
  • The implementation of an existing victim-focused program

Your proposal should include the following:

  • A rationale for why the program will be effective in your community
  • A rationale for how the program will help victims
  • A rationale for how the program may also help offenders (if applicable)
  • Your positions should be supported by examples and evidence from the Learning Resources in the course as well as independent research in the amount of 3 to 5 outside sources, with at least one source coming from the Walden Library.
    • Examples of evidence include cases, theories, or research about existing programs.
    • Helpful keywords may include: “law enforcement”, policy, program, victims, “crime victims”, “victim assistance”, “victim compensation”, reparation, “victim needs”, or victimization. (Using quotation marks will keep words joined as a phrase.)

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