Cohabitation has generally referred to a living arrangement in which a couple involved in an intimate relationship lives together without being married. Societal trends over the last few decades have led to an increase in this living arrangement in Western cultures. As with many of the topics we are studying, there is some debate about this alternative living arrangements.Take a look at these websites:

Use the Hunt Library to find two additional scholarly sources related to cohabitation. Remember to cite these sources using current APA formatting.

Post a discussion addressing the following points:

  • What were some of the main points/claims of the websites you visited and the articles you read?
  • How did the scholarly sources you found in the Hunt Library differ from the websites?
  • Were these sources all in agreement on the facts they presented? Were they in agreement regarding the conclusions they drew from their facts/data? If not, how did they differ and why do you think they differed?
  • What role does culture play with regard to cohabitation? Be specific.
  • What are your thoughts and opinions on the topic of cohabitation?

Post the answers to the questions in the discussions area and then read and respond to 2 of your classmates.

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