In this assignment you will be demonstrating your understanding of different types of social support, person-centered messages, and what support looks like online. Additionally, you will be identifying examples of support in practice.


Please respond to the following prompts about social support. Your answers can be answered by questions instead of integrated into an essay. Please use examples from the lesson and reading as well as personal examples to support your thoughts.

  1. Find an example of a supportive message online. Include a copy of the message (free from identifying personal information) in your response. First, is this message high or low in person-centeredness? Second, how effective is this as a supportive message? Third, how could you rewrite this message to be more effective?
  2. Find a popular press article about a social movement. Briefly summarize the article and include a citation or link.
  3. Identify different types of support that are being requested or provided in your article. If support is not discussed in the article, identify types of support (with examples) that might be useful. Also discuss other types of support not mentioned and how they might be used.

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