In this assignment you will be using sample dating profiles to showcase your understanding of relationships and online dating. Your essay will show understanding of the evolutionary perspective, how photos can be persuasive, how warranting might be used, and how language (and persuasion) are utilized in dating profiles.


You have access to 9 male and 9 female sample dating profiles. You will use these profiles plus the reading and online lesson content to answer the questions below. For any dating profile please refer to the gender/number (ex: F/8) instead of referring online to user names or handles. You should respond to the prompts using the numbers below (no need to integrate this into an essay).

  1. First review the grading rubric at the bottom of the assignment.
  2. Use examples from 4 different profiles that support the Evolutionary Perspective. Specifically, choose examples from each gender and analyze their photo and/or story to find examples that support the Evolutionary Perspective for choosing dating partners.How do these examples support the ideas behind this perspective?
  3. Analyze 8 different photos. Look critically and report what you think the person is trying to convey, but also consider what they may be unintentionally communicating. Do you think this photo was a good choice for a dating profile (and why) or a bad choice for a dating profile (and why)? Be sure to support your ideas with readings and lesson content.
  4. Analyze the language in 6 different profiles. What is the person trying to communicate through their word choice and what they choose to say (and what they choose to leave out)? Is is effective or ineffective (for a dating profile)? And, finally,  look for specific examples of warranting (things that make a person seem real).

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