Assessment 3 Instructions: Developing a Training Plan

  • Develop a training plan that includes a lesson plan in the form of an outline and a timeline.Introduction
    For this assessment, you will develop a training plan for your program, including a lesson plan outlining your selection of appropriate training methods for your learning objectives.Note: The assessments in this course build upon each other, so you are strongly encouraged to complete them in sequence.There are a number of effective, traditional methods used in training, including lectures, discussions, and audio-visual materials. Training methods have progressed rapidly in recent years as new generations of workers have entered the workforce, and newer training methods have evolved with the increased use of computers and the Internet.To develop an effective training plan lesson, you should include:
    • A timeline for your training and development program.
    • Learning objectives.
    • Training methods.
    • Training activities.
    • Practice and feedback.
    • Preparation
      Use the Effective Training textbook, the Internet, the Capella Library, or the Lesson Plan Template [DOC] to research training lesson plans and to select a format for this assessment.Requirements
      For this assessment complete the following:
    • Identify each training activity and link the activity to the learning objectives used in the training and development program.
    • Describe how practice and feedback are incorporated into the lesson plan to measure the transfer of learning.
    • In addition to the lesson plan, write a rationale, including the following:
      • Analyze the pros and cons for trainers and trainees of each training method used in the program.

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