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Write a one-paragraph summary for each of the 17 items listed below. Title each paragraph with the title of the item. The summary should be a factual representation of the main point(s) of the video or reading. Most of the videos are short (under 5 minutes length)

1. Cooperation & Coercion: chapter 8…

2. What Is Monopolistic Competition

3. Natural and Artificial Monopolies

4. Price Takers versus Price Setters

5. Profit Maximization in the Four Market Models

6. How did Internet and Cable Companies Get Regional Monopolies in the United States?

7. Cooperation & Coercion: chapter 9…

8. The Competitive Structure in Oligopoly Markets

9.Oligopoly, Cartel, and Chiseling

10. Cooperation & Coercion: chapter 10…

11. Words & Numbers: What is Money?…

12.Words & Numbers: Price Gouging Bans…

13. What If There Were No Prices? The Railroad Thought Experiment

14.Why Not Print More Money?

15.Are Low Interest Rates Good?

16.The problem of inequality

17.Unintended Consequences of Price Controls

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