Short Paper: How is your life intersectional?

All of us have different parts/ identities that either create privilege or oppression. For this assignment, you will write two pages on how your life is intersectional. Feel free to re-create the chart below to organize your thoughts.


  • Two written pages
  • Explain your identities and how each one promotes privilege or oppression.


My Queer Identity:

My queer identity has caused some oppression. I remember one distinctive time when me and my wife were in a bathroom up North, and we were waiting for a stall and a woman and her daughter came in and screamed, then ran out. When we left the bathroom, everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. My wife is considered “butch,” and the woman thought she was a “man.” The hate and judgement was palatable. I was embarrassed and scared. On the other side, my queer identity has given me privilege within the queer community. Working with a diverse student body, I can relate and students that are queer, can be open with me.

Intersectionality Wheel:

Intersectional-and you.png

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