1-Self- Analysis

Write a three-paragraph self-analysis on your must cover the following topics.

What did I do well? give examples 

What Can I work on in the Future? Give examples 

What tools can I use to work on these things? Give examples 

Other things to consider or add in your reflection:

If I’ve done a speech before, how did I improve from the last time?

Did I convey my message?

How did I do overall?

Please note that this is NOT a time to beat yourself up. Start with what you did well. If you did a speech even though you are nervous, you did that well. You faced your fears. This exercise is designed to help you reflect on the experience of public speaking and how you can grow. Special Occasion Speaking


Directions: Write an outline for a Special occasion speech: Examples include weddings, graduation speeches, eulogies, and anniversary speeches (These are just some examples of speech topics). It should be formatted in the same format as your example for your self-intro speech. Still, the general-purpose changes for a reminder format, click here RevisedExample Working Outline (2)-1.docx or find it in module two. 

We are only doing an outline for this speech I will not require you to present. 

Consider what you have learned about audience analysis to create the right tone in your speech.

These outlines should follow the same format as before. 

Working Outline

General-purpose: Example To celebrate ( hint it WILL NOT be to Inform or Persuade) 

Specific purpose: A clear specific purpose that states what your speech is about. Example:  To celebrate Jacks retirement 

Intro: An intro should be written out completely, and this should include an attention-getter, a thesis statement, relevance to the audience, and a preview at the beginning.

Transitions: Clear transitions that show movement from one point to the next

Body: You should have preferable 3 main points. Each point is a complete sentence. The supporting points go deeper into the main points and are indented.

Conclusion: The conclusion should be written out completely and should be a summary of what was said, and contain a strong concluding sentence.

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