Chapter 3 After reviewing the lecture (and perhaps even taking a peek at chapter 3 in your text)

1-In your own words, what does it mean to be an ethical speaker?

2-Why do you think it is important to speak ethically?

3-What things should you do if you want to be an ethical speaker?

4-what should you avoid if you want to be an ethical speaker?
5-In what ways can you connect last week’s lesson on audience analysis to this week’s lesson of ethical speaking?


  1. What type of special occasion speaking do you think you would be called to do in your life? What do you think the most important component of a special occasion speech is?
  2. Watch the following example of a special occasion speech. Applying the lecture notes and the information from chapter 17, how does the speaker effectively use special occasion speaking concepts?

Chapter 17: Special Occasion Speaking

Please watch this video Mindy kaling Speech at Harvard law school law class day 2014

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