Discussion of A Class Divided

Stereotype/prejudice class exercise watch video and answer questions

Now that you have seen the video please answer the following questions. Please do not rush through the questions; provide thoughtful answers. Once you have answered the questions, please reply to your classmates’ posts. If you need to return to the video in the previous Module, feel free to do so.

Respond to the following questions. Be sure to express your opinion/s on each question.

  1. Critique the video. Discuss the pros and cons of the method Mrs. Elliott used to teach her class about respect for other cultures.
  2. Explain how you were taught to respect, or not resect, other cultures. Did it begin with your parents, peers, teachers (what grade?), or some other influential person or group? Was it a slow, continuing process, or did you experience something that had an immediate impact on how you feel about other cultures?
  3. Discuss the groups you feel most comfortable with, and explain why. Discuss the groups you feel least comfortable with, and explain why.
  4. What do you think would be the most effective method to teach children tolerance? What do you think would be an effective way to teach tolerance to adults who have not yet learned it?
  5. Give your opinion on the state of the world regarding tolerance. Offer any comments or solutions you have on how to make it a better place.

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