requirements: you to write a 10 page (double spaced) or 5 page single spaced paper)

1) You MUST cite three additional sources (peer-reviewed articles/chapters/books) that come from outside of course content. This means that you CANNOT count readings, films, or powerpoints for the course in your three source minimum.

2) You MAY use readings, films, and powerpoints from class to bolster your argument.

3) You MUST cite all references – including course material and outside sources.

4) You can use any format that you like – but be sure that your writing is coherent and does not have typos (use spellcheck – it is a simple task and one that does wonders).

i will attach the content that you will base the paper off of below. I will also paste the link to one of the articles right here. The brave new age of gender-neutral kids – The Globe and Mail

there is also a video that i will paste the link to right here The Difference Between Men and Women – Video – Films On Demand (

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