Topic: Slavery and the South…Slave system dealt with a variety of slave categories and work duties that tied to the economics of the South.

Question: I’ve often heard students, and even comedians, argue the following question “What you rather be a field slave or house slave?” Debate this issue using the content from the text book. Is there even a “better” scenario? Be sure to address positives and negatives from either role in the slave system. For instance, what rights or privileges may be given to a skill slave? How could this be a negative?


“The Weed the World Awaited: The History of Hemp in Lexington, Kentucky.”

“Pacific Bound: California’s 1852 Fugitive Slave Law.”
“Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 by Larry Koger.”
“Slave Family Life.”
“Industrial Slavery at the Margin: The Maryland Chemical Works by T. Stephen Whitman.”
“Celia, A Slave, Trial (1855): An Account by Douglas O. Linder (2011).”
“Urban Slavery in Columbia.”
“James Hemings | Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.”
“Childhood Slavery in North America.”
“A 19th Century Slave Diet.”
“The Slave Experience: Music in Slave Life.”
“The Slave Experience: Slave Women and the Head-Wrap.”

“The Slave Experience: Living Conditions.”
“The Slave Experience: Religion.”
“Life for slave children in 1861.”

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