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Read Delaney, Ferguson, Nazon, & Bynum’s (2016) article entitled Reentry and Offenders with Special Needs: Mental Illness and Addressing Criminogenic Needs. This article is on page 20 of the May/June 2016 American Jails Association publication, which is publicly available at:

Within this article, Delaney et al. (2016) discuss two groups of special population offenders: females and the mentally ill. The article further examines the effects that mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders have on addressing the criminogenic needs of offenders being released from correctional incarceration.

  • Using a real-life example (either someone personally known to you or someone that you read about in the news), discuss any of the six major risk factors for criminal conduct that may have helped contribute to your example’s criminogenic behaviors.
  • Do you believe there were any other static and dynamic criminogenic factors that may have also contributed to this offender’s behavior? If so, which ones?

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