Read chapter 3 and additionally Retention, Job Analysis, Engagement, Human Capital utilization, Human Resources definition. Review all resources linked.Artificial Intelligence is discussed today and can be a part of your strategy plan so ensure you review.

Assignment Due:Power Point; your power point must contain work cited, don’t forget! your presentations must contained a minimum of 15 slides of content

I have placed links on your general posting for your review and access.

Retention Information:

Workforce Planning :

Artificial Intelligence :

Build a Retention strategy Post- COVID; for your company of choice i.e. Tesla, focusing on: the future roles needed, the future needed skills, and the future environment and well-being that the company you chose needs to focus on based on your SWOT analysis.

Textbook required:

Title:Human Resources

Author:Robert Mathis an John Jacksont

Publisher:West Publishing

Year Published: 2016

Edition: 7th

ISBN:10: 1305115244 or 13: 978-1305115248

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