In this assignment, you will identify a problem and propose a course of action to solve or improve it. It may be an issue of attitude, behavior, policy, or something wrong in the physical world around you. It can be a local, national, or global issue, but make sure to pick something you can realistically address within the length requirement. The solution must benefit someone besides you. 

You will set forth and argue for a step-by-step plan to execute your solution. Along with the process, you may wish to discuss necessary resources, a timeline, and possible counterarguments to your proposal. After presenting counter arguments or potential problems, offer ways to address them.

As part of a complete proposal, you may have to present background and context of the problem, and the effects of your solution.


This paper will encourage you to think realistically about the conditions, limitations, and opportunities inherent in solving problems in the real world. You will have to consider how to convince an audience to change behaviors as well as beliefs, and further practice skills in research, the rhetorical appeals and visual appeals.


You will choose your audience for this paper.

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